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We are Tait Creative. We are a women-owned social media, marketing and design firm that works with emerging and established companies who are looking for creative ways to tell their story. Our services include social media planning & management, brand storytelling & copywriting, product development consulting, branding & design, web design, photography and PR consulting. We work with you to create custom contemporary solutions that will propel your business to the next level.



Sarah Tait is the Director of Strategy at Tait Creative. She is a passionate storyteller who lives and breathes all things marketing. Sarah has worked on a variety of strategic marketing initiatives during her time in the corporate world and absolutely loves to tailor unique brand stories, whether that be through words or product development.

In addition to being the “wordsmith” and product development guru at Tait Creative, Sarah is also the social butterfly of the team who thrives on community engagement. If your company is looking for creative ways to engage with the community, she is your girl.


Sarah believes that a day’s work is not complete without a little bit of fun, and she always strives to make her clients laugh - or smile big at the very least. She promises that you will enjoy the journey and that you’ll leave happier than you came.



Tiana Tait is the Director of Design at Tait Creative. She has a strong creative vision and utilizes various outlets to build a strong brand aesthetic for your company. 


Tiana was initially exposed to digital expression through Architecture school where she became extremely skilled at graphic communication and digital rendering. She has naturally transferred these skills into graphic design which has allowed her to beautifully execute numerous projects for local and international clients. 

As a millennial, Tiana grew up while social media accelerated to its heights. In other words, as social media has evolved she evolved with it. As a result Tiana has a strong sense of what works and what doesn't, while being naturally inclined to staying on top of the latest trends. Tiana will work with you to create a sense of community and strengthen your brand identity through social media!



à la mode: in a fashionable or modern style. We own our millennial titles. Sure, we may get flack for falling within that generation. But with our millennial status comes new ways of thinking. We understand present day marketing tactics because we live and breathe them. We understand what speaks to the new generation because we ARE that generation.

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